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Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatments

Seek Help With Your Back and Neck Pain in Florissant, MO

The Back & Neck Care Center of North County focuses on treating pain in your neck and back, as well as muscle injuries. The chiropractors at our Florissant, MO, center have years of experience and have a special focus on those who need low back pain and neck pain treatments.

Our chiropractors are highly skilled and are here to help you live your daily life free from pain. They achieve this goal using state-of-the-art techniques like adjustments, therapeutic exercise, spinal decompression, and muscle stimulation. We strive to make these treatments more affordable for all of our patients.

Injuries From Auto Accidents

While car accidents can be traumatizing and stressful, they can also cause underlying injuries, such as whiplash or soft tissues damage. Many people overlook pain they feel after a crash in the midst of dealing with mechanics and insurance. Here, at the Back & Neck Care Center of North County, we are experts in car accident injuries treatment.

If you have had a major or minor crash, schedule an appointment at our Florissant, MO, location right away for a free evaluation. It’s always a better outcome for patients to begin auto accident injuries treatment right away.

Our Staff

The team at the Back & Neck Care Center of North County wants to help you find solutions for your static pain, sports injury, or auto accident injury. Our staff in Florissant, MO, has advanced training in the latest pain techniques, and our center is fully equipped. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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